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> Yeah, basically I just regurgitated your exaple.  I wasn't 
> sure if you'd seen that table arg syntax before.

I'm still not comfy with Lua -- I've been threatening to actually use it
now for over a year, but I still haven't actually used the language in
anger.  Baby steps, I say.  Right now I do all my "cvars" in Lua, and
it's kind of ugly.

But we're doing a sprite game with level layouts now, and I'll be damned
if I'm going to hardcode the levels in the game or do Yet Another Level
Definition Syntax.

> Personally, I think it's nicer and more flexible to have the 
> script create the entities.

That seems to be the cleanest way of doing it, but I'm so conditioned to
.ini files, Quake .map and entity .def files, etc. that having a config
file that actually executes code instead of being read/parsed is a bit
of a, *cough*, paradigm shift for me.  But it's much cleaner than
writing parsing code for each new type.