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Ivan Kolev wrote:
> I admit that WinCE may be the only platform with so limited stdlib
> implementation, and it may seem that it's not worth the effort. But Lua
> is very appropriate for WinCE devices, I suppose it will be largely used
> there.
> Best Regards,
> Ivan
> (another devoted fan of Lua, lurking on this list)

Well, my point of view is that if the libc that M$ provides
with  WinCE falls short of the ANSI C standard, it is not worthy 
to be used in conjunction with LUA. LUA is plain ANSI C. 
I think LUA should remain like that, without too many #ifdefs. 
There are complete ANSI C libraries for WinCE available. 
Look here for a commercial one:

And here for a free one:

AFAICS, with uclibc, and gcc, or dinkumwares's libc,
portability problems should be solved.  

Then again, this is merely my opinion. 
If the makers of Lua decide otherwise, I'll accept their 

"No one knows true heroes, for they speak not of their greatness." -- 
Daniel Remar.
Björn De Meyer