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> I have to admit that *my* first reaction to the idea of 1000+ 
> items on the stack was "Yikes!". And my first impulse is to 
> suggest ways to keep that from happening. Since I haven't 
> seen your language, I don't know if there are any reasonable 
> alteratives. I'd be glad to look at your data description 
> language, it would be interesting to see how you put it 

I'm not sure where you got the idea I made a data description language
(other than the fact that I tend to answer emails way too early in the
morning... ;) )?  I got the term data description from  I use Lua for a whole bunch of
associative data.  That's all this has been about.  It's not Lua's
scripting capabilities (which are fine)... it's about Lua's C API.  But
I believe I've hashed that out enough.