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Reuben Thomas wrote:

on that note, i'm considering writing a wrapper for pcre ( ) to lua ..

My rexlib library should do that already (although I haven't tried it). It's a wrapper for POSIX regexps, and pcre provides the POSIX API, so it should just be a question of compiling it against pcre. It's available from the Tools & Addons page, or more precisely

oh, that's very nice, and makes my work significantly simpler :)
correct me if i'm wrong but that only works w/ Lua 4.0 or does it work w/ 5.0 ? and if it doens't work w/ 5.0 , are you working on a port, or how hard would it be
to accomplish one?
i'd *REALLY* love to start out using lua 5 cause i really like the things it offers. The company i work for needs a scripting lang for some apps we have and lua seems a perfect fit, and since we've not really started down the road (at the moment, all i wrote was a some quick "proof of concept" code of binding lua to C++ using toLua ) , i'd like to start down the
right path so we can minimize any changes in the future  :)
anyway.. thanks for your help :)