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Well here it is (I didn't take a close look to it, so it might be something

bram@submedia:~/private/server/lua> make
cd include; make all
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/bram/private/server/lua/include'
make[1]: Nothing to be done for `all'.
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/bram/private/server/lua/include'
cd src; make all
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/bram/private/server/lua/src'
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o lapi.o lapi.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o lcode.o lcode.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o ldebug.o ldebug.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o ldo.o ldo.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o lfunc.o lfunc.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o lgc.o lgc.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o llex.o llex.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o lmem.o lmem.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o lobject.o lobject.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o lparser.o lparser.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o lstate.o lstate.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o lstring.o lstring.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o ltable.o ltable.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o ltests.o ltests.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o ltm.o ltm.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o lundump.o lundump.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o lvm.o lvm.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../include        -c -o lzio.o lzio.c
ar rcu ../lib/liblua.a lapi.o lcode.o ldebug.o ldo.o lfunc.o lgc.o llex.o
lmem.o lobject.o lparser.o lstate.o lstring.o ltable.o ltests.o ltm.o
lundump.o lvm.o lzio.o
ranlib ../lib/liblua.a
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/bram/private/server/lua/src'
cd src/luac; make all
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/bram/private/server/lua/src/luac'
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../../include  -I..       -c -o dump.o dump.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../../include  -I..       -c -o luac.o luac.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../../include  -I..       -c -o opt.o opt.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../../include  -I..       -c -o print.o print.c
g++ -O2 -pedantic -Wall -I../../include  -I..       -c -o stubs.o stubs.c
g++ -o ../../bin/luac dump.o luac.o opt.o print.o stubs.o -L../../lib -llua
dump.o: In function `DumpHeader(_IO_FILE *)':
dump.o(.text+0x356): undefined reference to `luaU_endianess(void)'
luac.o: In function `main':
luac.o(.text+0x62): undefined reference to `luaM_realloc(lua_State *, void
*, unsigned long)'
luac.o: In function `load(char const *)':
luac.o(.text+0x44c): undefined reference to `luaZ_Fopen(zio *, _IO_FILE *,
char const *)'
luac.o(.text+0x462): undefined reference to `luaU_undump(lua_State *, zio
luac.o(.text+0x473): undefined reference to `luaY_parser(lua_State *, zio
luac.o: In function `combine(Proto **, int)':
luac.o(.text+0x4cc): undefined reference to `luaF_newproto(lua_State *)'
luac.o(.text+0x4e1): undefined reference to `luaS_new(lua_State *, char
const *)'
luac.o(.text+0x512): undefined reference to `luaM_realloc(lua_State *, void
*, unsigned long)'
luac.o: In function `strip(Proto *)':
luac.o(.text+0x58c): undefined reference to `luaS_new(lua_State *, char
const *)'
opt.o: In function `MapConstant(Hash *, int, lua_TObject const *)':
opt.o(.text+0x1e): undefined reference to `luaH_get(lua_State *, Hash const
*, lua_TObject const *)'
opt.o(.text+0x46): undefined reference to `luaH_set(lua_State *, Hash *,
lua_TObject const *)'
opt.o: In function `OptConstants(Proto *)':
opt.o(.text+0x20d): undefined reference to `luaH_new(lua_State *, int)'
opt.o(.text+0x2ce): undefined reference to `luaH_free(lua_State *, Hash *)'
print.o: In function `PrintLocal(Proto const *, int, int)':
print.o(.text+0x1eb): undefined reference to `luaF_getlocalname(Proto const
*, int, int)'
stubs.o: In function `lua_open(int)':
stubs.o(.text+0x61): undefined reference to `luaM_realloc(lua_State *, void
*, unsigned long)'
stubs.o(.text+0x11d): undefined reference to `luaH_new(lua_State *, int)'
stubs.o(.text+0x129): undefined reference to `luaS_init(lua_State *)'
stubs.o(.text+0x135): undefined reference to `luaX_init(lua_State *)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make[1]: *** [../../bin/luac] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/bram/private/server/lua/src/luac'
make: *** [all] Error 2

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From: "Reuben Thomas" <>
To: "Multiple recipients of list" <>
Sent: Friday, September 06, 2002 9:48 AM
Subject: Re: Visual c++ and LUA

> > I didn't get Lua compiled with g++ in suse 8.0  (want to see the error
> > messages?)
> I suspect the authors might be interested. Unless I misunderstand, Lua is
> supposed to compile as C++.
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