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Hello. I'm new to the list.
I'd like to ask a question about binding C++ with LUA. I'm currently using
I have two objects: an object of class A, which has an instance of a class
Eval, which wraps LUA, and another class, A_Proxy, which is the one that
gets exposed to LUA. The A_Proxy holds a pointer to the A object.
The A object is created first, then, at some point, some LUA code is
executed, which creates the A_Proxy and calls methods. Then A is deleted,
closing Lua (by means of lua_close).

In order to hook those two objects, I put a pointer to A in the stack and
call setglobal. When I create the A_Proxy in Lua, I pass the global to its
The second time I do this, the call to setglobal fails with "invalid tag for
a userdata (6)".

What am I doing wrong? Is there an easier way to link these two objects?

Ignacio Burgueño