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>  Wed, 4 Sep 2002 13:40:28 -0700
>  David <> wrote:
>  Juergen wrote:
>  > a) Lua-FLTK ...
>  > b) LuaJava ...

Of course,  Java is not  _really_ lean. But  it seems to  be available
everywhere we want  to go, i.e.  UNIX workstations  & perhaps NT. This
means that porting would be lean somehow. and, as I said, we can count
on lots of students already aquainted to JAVA.

But  before this  becomes off-topic  --  my real  favourite indeed  is
Lua-FLTK,  and if we  would get  Lua-5, tolua,  Jay Carlson's  tolua -
property patch (necessary for lua-fltk), FLTK, and fluid-lua (fluid is
the GUI designer of FLTK) together in a reliable fashion, we certainly
would have something.