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> are there any efforts going on to develop Lua-5.0 compatible
> versions of tolua or SWIG ?

I have an interest in SWIG: I'm using luaswig 1.2.1, and have made several 
enhancements. I've contacted the author about merging them, and some of 
them were late last year, but this year I've had no response to my emails, 
and the luagnome project doesn't seem to be updated any more.

I'm committed to using Lua 4.0 for the moment, but I will eventually want 
to produce a Lua 5.0 version, so I'd be happy to help anyone who wanted 
to, for example, by providing my version of luaswig as a basis (I've 
cleaned it up and improved functionality somewhat over the distributed 
version, although there are still more things I'd like to do given time).

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