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Hi, I've created a web page that maybe useful to you: WebLua.

>From the page:

" The buttons above perform the following actions:
 * lua - executes the script using the Lua command line executable and
displays the results. 
 * luac - runs the script through the Lua compiler and displays the bytecode
 * lua2c - process the script using the lua2c convertor. This will produce C
code equivalent to the script but using the Lua C API. 
 * version - display the version of Lua being used by WebLua. "

I'd welcome any feedback, problems, suggestions for improvements etc.

N.B. I've currently disabled the "lua" button since there are security
issues with running arbitary Lua scripts on the server obviously. I'm
currently looking into ways of dealing with this. I'm not a unix expert so
any help and thoughts on the matter gratefully received.

Enjoy, have a good weekend,