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I wonder if someone should file for comp.lang.lua, I'd rather not have to create a third NNTP account. It would also get on Google Groups that way too, and fits in with the rest of Usenet.

Philippe Lhoste wrote:
"ranjit_mathew" <> a écrit dans le message news:


    FYI, the Lua Mailing List (lua-l) is now
also available via an NNTP interface (USENET
newsgroups). The news server is ""
and the newsgroup name is "gmane.comp.lang.lua.general".

This interface might be preferable to those who
neither want a flood of emails in their mailbox nor
go through the painful, ad-filled, interface of
Yahoo! Groups.

BTW, Gmane also hosts a LOT of the popular mailing
lists as newsgroups. It is indeed a wonderful service!


Interesting. Does it work also when I reply to the newsgroup? I mean, does
my message sent to the newsgroup goes to lua-l too?
Well, I better try out...

It would be better for me, my company firewall forbids POP/SMPT connections
(thus my use of GMX webmail), but recently allowed again NNTP connections...

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