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I'm just getting a chance to update my code from 4.1wk4 to 5.0wk0,
and have a question:

Previously all my userdata was created with lua_newuserdatabox(), which
no longer exists.  My data relies on having a metatable, so I presume I need an
'actual' userdata, rather than the 'light' version.  So what is the appropriate

lua_newpointerbox() seems to do exactly the same as lua_newuserdatabox() previously,
but as I can see no way to create a new 'light' version, I thought I would check
that this is not a bug/unimplemented feature that will change next release.  If
I use lua_newpointerbox() is the intention that I get a fully functional metatable
aware user object ?


Love, Light and Peace,

- Peter Loveday
Director of Development, eyeon Software