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Hi to everyone,
    Just a few questions regarding Lua...
1. Basically, what do I do so that my C++ program (it's a game engine) can
read Lua code? I'd rather write scripts for several functions of my game
engine than code it internally.
2. Would I need to modify most (if not all) of my engine functions for
integration to Lua (i.e. w/ the LUA_STATE * lstate)?
3. Are there any links to other sites which use Lua and made available their
source code (for reference)?

    And a few questions about toLua...
1. Where should I address questions regarding toLua? (since I don't know
where, i posted my questions here)
2. When compiling toLua on a Win32/VC6 system, what should I compile it
against? Should it compile as-is, or with the application I'm creating, or
with Lua itself? When I compile toLua various unresolved external symbol
errors with Lua functions appear, as well as an unresolved extern WinMain
error, which I assume would mean it shouldn't be compiled as-is
3. How would I create a package file for toLua? Should I edit my source code
to comply for this, or will toLua just automatically generate it from my
source code? If this is so, what should I do then?

Thanks for the time and effort,
    Jomar Araneta