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Please say it's not true!

You are right about the problem with partial ordering. I suggested some
time back when the subject first came up that partial ordering needed
separate operators, because it is not the same thing as full ordering.
However, there was (I thought) general agreement that we could compromise
on partial ordering with the <, <=, =>, and > operators, leaving == and
it's converse (which I cannot easily type on a Windows Spanish keyboard) to
mean object identity.

Changing object identity to a function call would add far far too much
overhead to what should be a basic operator.

Of course, nothing is stopping anyone from defining partial order
subroutines, except for the overhead (but that would apply to those who
wanted the feature :-).

Object identity is (for me) a crucial part of Lua. Please do not change it.
If you feel the need for a partial-order-equals operator, use === or
something. But please keep == as it is.