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The FAQ is in desperate need of update. The FAQ was created way before the wiki,
and I think the wiki now serves as a much better replacement, with the clear
advantage that the community can keep it up to date.

Because the Lua team lacks the time to keep the FAQ up to date, I propose to
split the FAQ into two: one housed at and one housed at

The one housed at will contain questions and official answers about
Lua, the software, its distribution, etc (more or less sections 1 and 2 from
the current FAQ). The one housed at would cover sections 3 to 5,
as the community sees fit. Perhaps there's a better way to provide this info in; I'll leave this up to you all.

Please, send us your suggestions of questions that should be covered by the FAQ
at Also, could some kind soul please move sections 3 to 5 to the wiki
(or whatever is useful in them, if anything)?

With this split, I think the community will be better served and we'll have the
time to keep the FAQ at updated and useful.