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Hi all,

I am happy to announce the latest release of Lua adapter for SimpleDB.

SimpleDB is a very simple database abstraction API (designed to be as
thin a wrapper as possible around the native APIs of various client
libraries) and the set of drivers. Everything is free software and I
have a nice set of drivers ready for both Windows and Linux enabling you
to reach MySQL, Firebird/InterBase, ODBC, Oracle, Sybase and SQLServer,
SQLite and there is even XML-RPC driver to tunnel SQL connections
through HTTP(S) (as far as possible).

LuaSimdb is a Lua interface for this API which exposes the methods to
load the drivers dynamically, connect to several databases at the same
time, execute arbitrary SQL commands, fetch the data, use
bind-variables, transactions, connection pooling and more.

I have been using it for some time now and I found it useful (and it has
been available for download without much ado). I am more a database app
than game developer but that only shows that Lua is really versatile 
and handy language :-)

I hope it may help some of you, too.

LuaSimdb is available at

Any opinions and suggestions for the next release are welcome.

Have a nice day,