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I plan to do that. I want to clean it up a bit first, change the function
tables so they're indexed by name as well. But I thought I'd throw it up
there to see what people thought, other fields that might be useful (I'm
pondering a _seealso, for example).

I was also thinking of something that could parse the lua source to get a
similiar structure. I thought it would be a useful thing to provide a
function that does what require does, that would also seek out and import
the help for the module at the same time, or perhaps parse it on the fly if
it didn't exist and then store the result for later runs.

> > It's still a bit rough, but it's mostly done. I thought I'd mention it
> > case anyone else was interested. There could be potential other uses. My
> > original plan was to use it to generate a lua library man page (or
> This sounds interesting. Do put a link on the Wiki! If you could read code
> to populate such a table, it could be used e.g. with my Lua libraries too.