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on 19/6/02 12:15 AM, Björn De Meyer at wrote:

> Yes, but I think lua already offers the tools to make "immersive"
> game scripting possible, provided a good framework and maybe a little
> hacking. Don't get me wrong, I agree that coroutines can come in quite
> handy. But there are other valid ways to obtain the same result. I get
> the impression that there some are people here who have a coroutine
> hammer, 
> and to whom every problem looks like a coroutine nail. I'm sorry to
> nag about this, but there are other tools in the programmer's toolbox.
> These are also worth investigating.

That is insulting and backwards. Nobody here has said that coroutines
are the solution to all problems; rather, that coroutines are an
excellent solution to this specific problem. You're pulling out all
kinds of hammers and saying "use this instead!" I don't want a hammer,
I want the right tool for the job.

And of course it's true that there are other ways to obtain the same
result. If all else fails we could just do everything in hand-coded
assembly. But that's not a productive use of time. Likewise, the
explicit state management that you're forced to do when coroutines
are not available is not a productive use of time.