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*cough*pre-emptive Lua threads w/ time quotas*cough*

Should I try starting another one of the pre-emptive vs. cooperative
threading debates, and throw in the point of killing threads as well?

Really, this feature should be simple to code in with the yield support
Lua already has.  Something running in the interpreter, and exit or
yield flag that could be set outside of the Lua bytecode.

Long running Lua threads could allow the embedding application to
continue running, or simply be killed off.

On Tue, 2002-06-18 at 03:56, davefowle wrote:
> I am thinking of "embedding" LUA into my program,but I am concerned
> about users writing "never ending" LUA programs.
> Is there a safe way to shut down the LUA program after an arbitrary
> time interval?
> Regards
> David Fowle