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In message <>, Luiz Henrique de Figueir
edo writes:
> >In my lua 4.0 the following code crashes (with a floating point exception):
> >
> >a={}
> >a[2^31+1]=1
> What platform? It works ok in our Linux machines.

On a platform that raises a floating point exception when trying
to convert a floating point number that is larger than INT_MAX +
1 to an integer type.  Linux typically doesn't have any floating
point exceptions enabled by default does it?  Anyway, I think trying
to find out exactly which platforms it crashes on is a sideshow,
the fact is that the converting a float f to an int is undefined
when f is >= INT_MAX + 1.

> Have you tried 5.0w0?

I'm afraid I have not; I'm not keen on using anything other than the
official releases.