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> or make two versions of lua_open: one with no extra parameters, and one
> which lets you specify all the hooks.

What about varargs, with name-value pairs?
  lua_open("realloc", &my_realloc, NULL)

> you could pass a pointer to a struct that holds the callback pointers to
> lua_open (defaulting to NULL).

About the plural "pointers": I understand this idea for memory
allocation, but not for I/O. The core does no I/O. In the libraries,
outside the I/O library, few functions do I/O or file operation
("print", "debug.debug", and load_file). It seems to me that it is
easier to redefine those functions (in your application, without
touching Lua code!) than to create a hook mechanism just to reuse those
few lines of code.

For the io library, it uses a lot of I/O operations; again, I don't
think it is a good idea to use hooks there...

-- Roberto