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> There is also the situation where you want to use lua, but 
> you don't want to include the source in your own project. 

This is a very good point, because some companies may have a centralized
build of libraries such as Lua and don't want each team and/or project
making minor modifications to their own copies.  And the DLL/.so aspect
is key as well, for example if someone were to make a Lua.Framework for
OS X and wanted to leverage that, it would be difficult (if not
impossible) to override the internal resource allocators and they would
thus be stuck doing their own version.

> It would be cool if there was a function like 
> lua_setcallbacks or something like that.

That's what Ogg Vorbis does.

> change. But for the few that need that sort of customization, 
> they would just have to add a line before lua_open and 
> everything would be cool.

Exactly.  I can't see any real downside to this other than the probably
irrelevant performance overhead of indirect function calls (which, for
those that are really affected by this, could be handled by changing the