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Title: RE: Ironic comment RE: cooperative multitasking

> >I'm still using 4.0 alpha, the last version with the 3.2
> >style C API :)
> Have you tried lua3, an emulation of Lua 3.2 API on top of
> Lua 4.0 API?

I downloaded it and read it, but after some thoughts didn't
use it. I chose to wait for Lua to stabilize and do the
work of porting it then, as my main goal was to actually
use the new API and the new Lua language changes, not merely
take advantage of internal improvements. I hadn't foreseen
the stabilization period would be so long, but since I don't
have much time (this project is a hobby of mine), I don't
mind that. Good thing I don't use too many upvalues and no
tag methods in my scripts though ;)

When I'm back on working on my game, I'll have a look at the
new coroutines (or semi coroutines), I might be tempted to
change the way my scripting works. It's been some time I
regard what I'm doing as slightly too complicated, mainly
due to the use of timed events. Coroutines could well be
just the answer to that.


Vincent Penquerc'h