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Yeah, why build your own when you can build upon Lua, like what I'm doing for my game projects? I have Meldlua which is extensions on Lua and such, and then I extend Meldlua further for the final scripting language used by my games.

Sean Middleditch wrote:
MDK2 was made by BioWare too, wasn't it?  Same company as Baldur's Gate
series... they must like Lua.

Why they made their own NWNScript for NWN is beyond me - the "features"
of that language just plain suck, from what I've read.  I don't imagine
they made it too much faster than Lua (it is statically typed, which can
lead to some more powerful stack/call optimizations).

The fact that enough game companies don't find languages like Lua useful
says that there is something Lua is missing that it shouldn't be.  All
that I can really think of tho is a) *real* multi-tasking, and b) a more
newbie-friendly syntax.

I used to think a syntax like Python/Ruby/Lua/etc. was great for
newbies, but then it turns out for certain tasks, such as game
scripting, the community tends to be more familiar with C/C++/Java,
etc.  Which ends up meaning that a C-like language is actually easier to
those poor fools who hate learning anything new.  This is one reason I
up and changed the syntax on Scriptix to be C-like.

So, speaking of that, does anyone have other examples of where a simple
syntax isn't a good as a common syntax?  And, would it be easy/possible
to seperate the Lua interpreter from the parser to allow different
parsers to be used with the same core backend?  (Similar to what I've
tried to do with Scriptix).

On Sat, 2002-06-08 at 12:23, Christopher S. Charabaruk wrote:

Hrm... Wasn't aware that MDK2 was a console game...

Cameron Kaiser wrote:

So do some console games I know of...

My CD of MDK2 for the Sega Dreamcast says clearly on the label, "LUA
(C)1994-2000 TeCGraf, PUC Rio."

Chris 'coldacid' Charabaruk <ccharabaruk [at] meldstar [dot] com>
Meldstar Studios <> - Creation, cubed.

Chris 'coldacid' Charabaruk <ccharabaruk [at] meldstar [dot] com>
Meldstar Studios <> - Creation, cubed.