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> Sorry, no. I'd say we're close to an alpha version, as soon as we
> get several details fixed and the manual updated. But we don't know
> when 5.0 will be officially released. I don't want to promise
> anything. From our track record, I'd say that *perhaps* by the end
> of the year. Sorry about that. Anyway, work versions will be
> distributed frequently.

No hurry! I can see that some constituencies really want some things
that will be in Lua 5 that aren't in Lua 4, but for me, Lua 4 is
really good (so I'm happy with what I've got), and Lua 5 looks as
though it could be something really special (so I don't want it spoilt
by being hurried!).

It's a pity that there never was a Lua 4.1, though. Two years between
major releases is a long time.

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