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> >And in the same vein, can we please have a maintenance release with all
> >the simple non-contentious PUC-Rio-approved bugfixes applied? i.e. Lua
> >4.0.1.
> Yes, it should be available some time during next week.

The Lua team have this annoying habit of quietly doing *exactly what I
want* just when I've given up hope...

That's really good news. I have an app in development which, because
it will probably grow and develop a lot more, I hope to migrate to Lua
5.0 when that comes out, but that very much depends on available
development time, and of course when 5.0 actually does come out (and
that's something I don't want to hurry at all).

Also, since 4.0 is so good already, and since a fair amount of effort
has gone into debugging it and improving the docs since its release,
it seems a pity not to have a 4.0.1, for the benefit both of old
applications, and new ones that want to have a really battle-tested,
bullet-proofed platform to run on (personally, that's something I
don't need; the language features in 5.0 are worth migrating for).

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