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On Fri, 2002-06-07 at 16:58, wrote:
> > You've got 64 megs, which is nice, and Win32 fibers are supported
> > in the API.
> > But everything on the XBox runs in ring 0, which means user code
> > does *not* have a separate stack from system code and interrupts.
> > So each fiber needs a big stack (I forget how much, 16k or
> > something like that) to allow for interrupts.
> Ooh, scarey. 16k stacks. Gosh, and you've only got 64 megs to play with.
> Oops, wait. You've got to squish Windows in there, somehow, don't you?

I'd assume once all the desktop/server/component/util/aol/user/etc. crap
that the console doesn't use is ripped out, it's brought down in size
considerably - still no match for embedded Linux, I'd wager, but good
enough for the X-Box in any event.  Hell, they can get Windows onto a