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Thanks, I'd misread "explist" as just the function. You'd think I'd notice
the "list" part! It makes a lot more sense now.

  - Tom

On Thu, 6 Jun 2002, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:

> > But I don't see any way _s could ever be modified
> It is not. Maybe the name "state" is misleading. Actually, there are two
> "states": _s and `var1'. _s is fixed (e.g. the table or the file you are
> traversing), while `var1' varies.
> Notice that we start with
> >          local _f, _s, var_1 = explist
> so we do have a way to assign a value to _s. nexti(t), for instance,
> returns a function *and* `t' ;-)
> For several simple iterations such state is enough (e.g. traversing tables,
> reading the lines of a file, etc.). For more complex ones, you can
> either use a closure or put a table in _s (and as much state as you want
> inside the table).
> -- Roberto