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> A snapshot of Lua 5.0 (work) is now available at

A quick diff, I have only to add the ltablib.c file to my 4.1 project files.
I regenerate the .def files, update the .rc one, and compile on VC++6
without problem.
Almost, two tiny warnings (on W4 level):
-- Debug
F:\Languages\lua-5.0-work0\src\ldebug.c(485) : warning C4701: local variable
'name' may be used without having been initialized
-- Release
Sames +
F:\Languages\lua-5.0-work0\src\lib\liolib.c(579) : warning C4702:
unreachable code

I have also updated my keyword list for SciTE. Since I choose to highlight
the standard library word, I see a small conflict: remove is used both in
table and io libraries.

For those using SciTE (or other editor), here is the result:
# Basic Functions  (+ table)
keywords2.$(file.patterns.lua)=_ALERT _ERRORMESSAGE _PROMPT _VERSION \
assert collectgarbage create error foreach foreachi gcinfo getn globals
insert \
loadfile loadstring metatable next nexti pcall print rawget rawset remove
require sort \
tonumber tostring type unpack xpcall yield
# String Manipulation (string)
keywords3.$(file.patterns.lua)=byte char concat find format gfind gsub \
len lower rep sub upper
# Mathematical Functions (math)
keywords4.$(file.patterns.lua)=abs acos asin atan atan2 ceil cos deg exp
floor log log10 \
max min mod pi rad sin sqrt tan frexp ldexp random randomseed
# Input and Output Facilities (io)
keywords5.$(file.patterns.lua)=close flush input open output popen read \
seek stdin stderr stdout tmpfile write
# System Facilities (os)
keywords6.$(file.patterns.lua)=clock date difftime execute exit getenv
remove rename \
setlocale time tmpname

I saw that require is now implemented... I didn't saw xpcall mentioned in
Roberto's list of changes. Nor popen.

Result: luac.exe: 55.5KB instead of 57.0KB for 4.1-work4, lua.exe: 86.5KB
instead of 90.0KB...

I will probably upload my project files to the wiki (or on my site?)
tomorrow. I believe they will be quite stable now.
I can send the Windows binaries to anyone asking them privately, for those
having no C compiler handy. I won't upload them on the Net before the official

I am waiting for the documentation eagerly :-)

Thank you for this release.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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