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> > 1) Extensions to stand-alone interpreter (without recompilation)
> Vote: No, Library specific

Library specify?  How tedious.

This might be okay for internal development, but I need to offer a
means for my end users to load third party libraries.  This would
be a documentation and tech support nightmare.

Please please pease lets have a consistant way of doing this!
> > 2) += and -= operators
> Vote: NO

Why not?  I also find I miss this.  Having to say something like
object.member = object.member + 1 is tedious.  I don't mind if it
evaluates to the same byte-code (ie I don't expect to be able to
implement += as a different tag method than =, that is just asking
for confusion)
> > 3) Using hex char codes within strings
> Vote: No, but it wouldn't matter either way

Again, why not?  This is handy.  Though I really would like to see
better unicode support and a means of specifying a unicode character
with hex or decimal (like \+12345 or something)
> > 4) 'File find' etc. in standard libs would be fine.
> Vote: Library specific
> > 5) Joining Qt (graphics toolkit) and Lua - has anyone done this yet?!?
> Vote: Library specific

Library specify?  Yes, to the standard io library, and a new Qt library.
This will always be library specific as Lua has no file/UI handling in the
core, nor should it

- Peter Loveday