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To clarify, when I complain about the documentation it's mostly that I'm
not experienced with integrating a scripting language into a core engine
directly.  The previous games I've worked on used DLLs for their
modification and scripting, so issues like conversion between compiled
and scripted data structures never really came up.

I've read Roberto's book, but it's 4.0 only and doesn't cover 4.1, and
most of what I see are language references or very domain specific
tutorials, whereas what would be particularly helpful to me (and maybe
it's just me, so take this with a grain of salt) is a tutorial that
shows how to integrate a Lua scripting system with a C/C++ main engine
(or vice versa).

Learning Lua itself isn't that difficult, it's the integration with a
compiled binary that's the tough part (philosophically speaking, the
real tough part is also figuring where to draw the line between the