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> I suspect the creators of lua are deeply influenced
> by the content of this list, so I would simply like 
> to implore and encourage everybody on it to think 
> about the question "How can we make lua simpler 
> (and not less powerful)".

If you look over the history of Lua, you see that the Lua authors have
done exactly what you suggest.  Lua has gotten simpler over time, and at
the same time more powerful.  I don't think you have to worry about the
Lua authors injecting complexity-- not at least unless it provides a
substantial benefit.  

Indeed, one of the many reasons I first got interested in Lua (and
eventually embedded it in a product) was that I was impressed that the
Lua authors stated they had meetings to discuss what to *remove* from
the language.  That's a rare and special thing, and the kind of attitude
that many of us depend on.  The moment Lua starts to turn into a
"kitchen sink" language (ala Perl), you can bet that lots of people are
going to jump ship.  Fortunately, I don't see that happening.  The Lua
authors do listen to this mailing list, but they don't blindly add
features just because someone asked.

What's driving your comments?  Is this a generic plea, or do you see
something you don't like?