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I'm absolutely new to lua but already impressed by the language design and also of it's excelent technical implementation. ( thinking of beeing stackless, (therefore) support of co-routines, multithreading (to come in 5.0?) a real gc ...)

I got to know lua from the 'great computer language shootout' (copy this verbatim into google if you don't know what im refering to) and was impressed that it performed so well.

I realized mereley from the 'about' section of, that it is heavily used in embeded environments and by browsing through the mailing list i also realized that the majority of lua actually use it for that purpose and that language extensions or a common understanding how packages or how an object system should look like is mostly desencouraged --- because it may make the language 'bloated'.

This situation reminds me of scheme. A powerful language but even laking the most basic libraries thus rendering it more or less useless for industrial deployment as any attempt to port a pice of code to a different system would mean a huge expense.

I saw someone refering to Python as a bloated hog. IMHO it's not. You could rip of all it's standard packages (library) and still have a working system. If you really would like to see a bloated language take a look at Common Lisp.

I don't see the correlation between supplementing some standard libraries with a feared inability to embed lua in smaller systems. I also think that lua would have it's right to stand next to Python or Ruby or Perl. Ruby restricts itself to the 'everything is an object' style, Perl fosters the 'do it quick and dirty, but do it dirty' approach and Python has it's indentation style which pleases not everyone.

There are not very much weakly typed bytecode interpreted languages which really help the developer to focus on the problem and leave the gory details to the compiler/interpreter. In fact the only players in the same league like lua which come to my mind are lisp and scheme (I know, both offer implementations which compile to native code, but most don't).

And scheme by beeing so terse never took of.

So I would like to know what others think about it. You could put everything i wrote more snappy into the shorter statement: "I like it if lua gets bigger"

Kind regards,