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Am 24.04.02 00:27:47, schrieb "Peter Loveday" <>:

>I looked at compiling the existing poslib on win32, but there are
>so many things missing, it would indeed require a true port.
>You could probably build it under CygWin, if you like such things,
>but for a real win32 version it wouldn't be trivial.

I also found U/Win (
as a possible alternative  with not too many licensing restric-
tions.  From the description,  U/Win might even be  interesting
when it comes to "port" new versions  of Lua  (and add-ons)  to
Win32 platforms.

As soon  as I find  some spare time,  I'll have a look  at that
package.  However,  anybody else is invited  to catch me on the
line... ;-)

Kind regards,

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