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John Passaniti wrote:
So what's the real concern here (in opposition to a theoretical
concern)?  Are you intending to use Lua in a way that doesn't already cover?  I'm sure the
Lua authors would love to hear about it.

The GPL, love it or hate it, requires the combination of GPL'd software and software under another license to be distributed under the GPL. Both the other license and the GPL must allow this in order for it to be legal. Although you may have a friendly email dialog with the Lua authors, they can only grant you half of the permission to make this possible. Not only must the Lua license allow the Lua->GPL switch, but also the GPL license must allow it.

Again I'm at risk of provoking our GPL-opposing friends on this list. I'm not promoting or defending the GPL, I'm only searching for the answer to a practical question. Suppose I want to embed Lua into the Linux kernel, for example, which like a lot of software is under GPL. Is this a theoretical concern?


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