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Hi, i've just started with LUA so apologies if this has been covered 
somewhere before, i have read the manual and looked over the net but 
i'm struggling to figure this out.

Basically i want to create instances of objects that i have defined 
in C/C++ code they maybe defined as classes but i handle all the 
conversion and copying of data myself once i have the parameters...

I have everything working as follows:

In my lua script i have something like the following

Button = {}
Button["Button1"] = { }
Button["Button1"].x = 10;
Button["Button1"].y = 15;
Button["Button1"].OnTest = Button1_OnTest;


function Button1_OnTest()

NewButton is a call to a function of mine which pulls off all the 
parameters and stores them in my newly created object..

The problem i have is calling the 'Button1_OnTest' function from C 

i can of course store the function as a string and use

lua_getglobal(L, "Button1_OnTest");                           

which works, however is it possible to store off the pointer and 
call that pointer at a later date otherwise i have to build up the 
string when the button is registered...

I've tried grabbing the data off the stack and the only thing that 
returns me a pointer is lua_topointer..all other data retrieval 
calls return 0 even though says there is a LUA_TFUNCTION present.

Am i going about this the wrong way?