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I'm having a few problems getting around MSVC calling
conventions when registering a function with lua.

For example, in a c++ program, the function
int test(lua_State *L);
is internally translated to int (__cdecl)(struct
lua_State *).

You can turn off the __cdecl definition by
substituting the macro __declspec(naked), but that
imposes the restriction of not being able to return a
value (such as int, which is required).

Anybody hurdled this one in MSVC++? I'd like to keep
function call safety in the linker. The complete
compiler error message is:
error C2664: 'lua_pushcclosure' : cannot convert
parameter 2 from 'int (struct lua_State *)' to 'int
(__cdecl *)(struct lua_State *)'

It's a member function, being registered in a

Thanks and regards,
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