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> Here is an incomplete list of topics that we discussed at the Lua
> Library Workshop. Maybe the other attendees of the workshop can help to
> complete it.

Sounds like a profitable day.

>   The essence of the proposal is to remove functions like writeto which
>   handle files implicitly.

Good idea.

> * A big topic of discussion was name space management.
> * Loading of object files at run-time.
> * A mechanism that forces variable declarations in large projects.

All recent topics of intense discussion on the mailing list, so it sounds
like a worthwhile use of time.

> * Christian Carrilo suggested some changes to the C API to support Lua
>   threaded environments better. The details escaped me because I don't
>   write threaded programs.

Again, sounds good.

Not perhaps as ambitious (or far-reaching) as I'd hoped, but probably much
better in terms of concrete results, and much more realistic for actually
Getting Things Done in a single day.

Well done, the organisers and participants.

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