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I have a quick query that someone here might be able to help me with.

I have a series of files, each one defining a new 'object' by way of a table
containing data and functions. For example

file1.lua ->
	Object1 = {}
	Object1.SomeFunction = function()
		-- blah blah

file2.lua ->
	Object2 = {}
	Object2.SomeOtherFunction = SomeFunctionDefinedElsewhere();

>From C, given a table 'Object2' and the name of a function
'SomeFunctionDefinedElsewhere', I need to find out in which file this
function resides, and also on which line. I know I could write some crude
code to work this out in a hungry manner, but I believe this information
already exists somewhere, for the debugger.

Any suggestions?


Lee Hickey
Project Leader.
Deep Red Games Ltd.
tel (01908) 393837
fax (01908) 393951
mob (07703) 343 760
ICQ: 6969404

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