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> A new snapshot of Lua 4.1 (work) is now available at
> The manual has been partially updated is available at
> It does not mention co-routines yet but it does describe the new for and
> the new syntax for table constructors.

Great, I compiled it with my previous project files without major problem,
just these minor warnings (with maximum warning level):
-- Debug
F:\Languages\lua-4.1-work4\src\lfunc.c(32) : warning C4244: '=' : conversion
from 'short ' to 'unsigned char ', possible loss of data
F:\Languages\lua-4.1-work4\src\lfunc.c(43) : warning C4244: '=' : conversion
from 'short ' to 'unsigned char ', possible loss of data
F:\Languages\lua-4.1-work4\src\luac\ldumplib.c(17) : warning C4244: '=' :
conversion from 'int ' to 'char ', possible loss of data
F:\Languages\lua-4.1-work4\src\luac\print.c(178) : warning C4505:
'PrintLocal' : unreferenced local function has been removed
        F:\Languages\lua-4.1-work4\src\luac\print.c(57) : see declaration of
-- Release
Sames +
F:\Languages\lua-4.1-work4\src\lib\liolib.c(580) : warning C4702:
unreachable code

As usual, the last one is due to a hack to avoid a warning in another system

I was happy to see my (modest) proposed change have been integrated, at
least at Lua code level:
-- Get current locale
print(setlocale(nil, "all"))
-- Set locale to user one
print(setlocale("", "all"))
-- Check current locale
print(setlocale(nil, "all"))

In previous version, the setlocale(nil, "all") failed, now it returns the
current locale setting. Perhaps you should mention it in the manual when you
update it.

Can anybody translate the work4 version of the manual from ps to html? It
would be smaller, easier to call, and to search/copy/update... I have found
some ps2html or ps2text tools, but nothing working well in Windows. Thank you.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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