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Why do you want to do this, anyway?

I have a C++ component system which I've tied into Lua. A component may have a "scriptable" implementation, which just dispatches all of it's calls off to Lua. In Lua, the component is represented as a table with it's "index" tag set to it's "base class", which contains C functions and maybe some Lua functions. The user can add script functions to the table to override the C functions. If I have a C++ function call 'doSomething()', the scriptable implementation will try load the component's table and try to call it's "doSomething" function. If there is no Lua implementation of that function, the inheritance will return the C function, and if I call that I end up in an endless recursion.

Thanks for your help. That's my third question now where I should have just RTFM. I won't do it again.