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> On Thursday, February 7, 2002, at 06:53 PM, Peter Loveday wrote:
> > Is a Lua book being published ? That'd be great.
> If it's an O'Reilly book, I wonder what animal will be on the cover? :-)
> Steve

If you search on the archive, you will find the following URL:

It seems still valid. (Unlike the link to CGILua in Roberto's page :-)

It is a draft, unfinished, based on Lua 4.0. I highly recommend its reading,
both for newbies and seasoned users. I learned a lot of stuff reading it, it
is clear and well written, and full of useful examples and code snippets.
Someone should really collect them to the WikiWiki, BTW...
When I will try and use tags, I will reread the corresponding section in the
book, I felt I understood how it is working (even if I forgot most of it
already :-)

The animal? I would see an antropomorphized (? human like) etching of the
moon, 18th century style.

Also, in French we speak about a "poisson lune", a moon fish, I don't know
if this literal translation exists in English.
See, or more accurately: So it is SunFish, talk about contradiction, it is not
suitable for an English book :-( Also

Mmm, there is a moon fish, see Perhaps
they are the same. OK, last URL:


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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