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The World Social Forum uses Publique!, a Web based content management system
that uses a modified version of CGILua and consists in almost 50K lines of
Lua and 5K lines of C (not including CGILua itself).

There are currently more than 100 sites using Publique! in Brazil,
Argentina, USA and Japan. The current version (2.2) is available in
Portuguese and English, Japanese and Spanish versions are on the way.

Lua has been choosen for its ease of prototyping, speed of execution and
extensibility. It is used for almost every feature in the system other than
the OS Plataform, DBMS and Web Server abstraction layers.

Andre Carregal
Fabrica Digital

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> In my actual work, I was catching up on the news from the Fórum Social
> Mundial / World Social Forum, and noticed the URL I was reading:
>                                                    ^^^^^^

> Nice looking site, too.