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Ok I give up, can someone give me a clear example of how to set a tag method
for 'setglobal' for example?

For example something like this:

	lua_pushnumber(L, 1);
	lua_setglobal(L, "Batch");
	int tag = lua_newtag(L);
	lua_pushcfunction(L, SetglobalHander);
	lua_settagmethod(L, tag, "setglobal");

This doesn't work, I guess I am missing something..  I know I have raised a
couple of issues regarding this over the last week or so, but I just can't
get anything going, and am getting frustrated.  There seems to be a huge
lack of examples around even in the archives.  All the documentation around
Lua is very terse, and doesn't seem to be geared to Lua newbies like me. :(

Chris Percival
Software Engineer
Interaxis Computing Ltd.
DDI:  +44 (0)1249 700072