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>How can I do the following:
>lua_register( L, "aFunction", func );
>lua_register( L, "anotherFunction", func );
>lua_register( L, "aThirdFunction", func );
>static int func (lua_State *L) 
>	// How do I check which function that was actually called?

Push the name as an upvalue:

#define lua_registerwithname(L,name,f) \
	lua_pushstring(L,name); lua_pushcclosure(L,f,1); lua_setglobal(L,name)

Then check upvalue #1 in func.

>... I also want to know how to "trap" those tags (or what they are called).
>So I can do this in Lua:
>func[ "aFunction" ] = 3
>func[ "anotherFunction" ] = 8
>func[ "aThirdFunction" ] = 1

You lost me here.