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> > I was
> > suggesting that a
> > little extra help for easily building libraries in should be
> > part of the
> > standard build system.
> What about a Lua script that emulates all the *nix autoconfig stuff and
> builds your project?

Keep it simple! All that's needed is a way of including some extra
function calls into lua.c, and some extra .o files into the liblua. This
could be done with a Lua script (indeed, may well best be done so, to
prevent external dependencies), but at the moment, you don't need to build
Lua to build Lua.

But if, for example, you want to add Lua libraries to Lua itself by
default, this would be necessary anyway, and a two-stage Lua build, where
you first build mini-Lua (standard C libs only) and then can rebuild with
optional extras (using a supplied script) would be attractive.

No need to be autoconfly complex, though. I'm still suggesting something
that can go in the standard distribution with no platform dependencies; my
single goal is to make it simpler to add in optional libraries (something
that people have been complaining about recently, and rightly so).

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