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Hello folks,

On Thu, Jan 24, 2002 at 11:01:03AM +0100, Philippe Lhoste wrote:
> Actually, gllua is still officially (from the home page) for Lua 3.1...
> I quickly scanned the mailing list archive, but if it seems there where some
> attempts to port it to Lua 4.0 or more, I saw no official/usable release of
> even a source code (except Steve's LuaDev for MacOS X...).
> Now, perhaps someone here can prove me wrong :-)

I made a partial port of gllua to lua 4.0. You can find the link on

However, some things to keep in mind:

1. Callback functions are not implemented (hence the "partial" port).
2. The code for Windows is untested and might not even compile.
3. We use it only in conjunction with tklua, so I don't know how stable
   the standalone part is or whether it will even compile.

You are very welcome to hack away on it or even to use my port as a
basis for taking over the project, because I am not very keen on
supporting it at all. If you find and fix a bug, though, I would
welcome a patch.

- Christian