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> > OK, I managed to compile the latest beta for Lua 4.1 with Visual C++ 6
> sp3,
> > thanks to Peter Loveday messages.
> > As Peter mentioned, we must avoid to have #defined macros with same
> as
> > structure members they use. This is a bug (in VC6), but for portability
> > purpose, I suppose Lua authors can make some small concessions to keep
> > compilers happy...
> Are you sure this hasn't been fixed in a later Service Pack for VC6? I
> ran in to this problem under VC6 SP5 and Lua 4.1.
> Matt

Perhaps (probably, if you say so), but I think we must cope with older
compilers, either because we don't have access to the latest SP, or even worse,
because for consistency, etc., we *must* use these old compilers.
We have a client that require we compile and ship the software we produce
for them with a Visual C++ 5 because it uses their DLLs compiled with this
version... Otherwise, problems of freeing memory allocated by their DLLs, etc.
This soft doesn't use Lua (alas), but I think you see my point.
This doesn't cost much, after all.


Philippe Lhoste (Paris -- France)
Professional programmer and amateur artist

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