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> The one thing holding me back is trying to get a single > windows binary
> interpreter that includes all of the above mentioned >  > libraries.

I agree, as I need to work in the windows platform but I just can't compile LuaSQL anyway. I think Lua is a great standalone
scripting language, but needs some improvements to support a larger number of developers that don't get time or skills to hack the

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First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Winwood (and, indirectly, Mr. Cuny)
for wxLua.  I have been playing with the windows binary of it and it adds
another great level of power to a great language.

Now for my plea:

I am not a C programmer.  I primarily use scripting tools to do my work.  I
would love to start doing more of my production scripting/programming using
Lua.  I see all of the necessary tools in place for Lua to become one of  my
primary languages:  great interpreter, socket library, odbc library, and now
a great gui library.

The one thing holding me back is trying to get a single windows binary
interpreter that includes all of the above mentioned libraries.

I have tried.  I downloaded Borland's free C compiler.  I downloaded the base
lua source code.  After fumbling around for a couple of days, I was able to
create the base Lua interpreter binary.  After a few more days, I was even
able to create a Lua interpreter binary that included the socket library.

Now, I am trying to create a Lua interpreter binary that includes Lua, socket
library, wxLua, and LuaSQL.  I am getting lots of errors, even after I
changed the makefiles and build batch files.

The problem is, I just don't know enough about C to REALLY understand what I
am doing.

Now, I know that a lot of you are saying, "Well, get off your lazy ass and go
learn C!"  And you have a point.  I bought a C book and am attempting to go
through it, but I have to be honest.  I have very little desire to learn C,
because I know that the ONLY reason I am learning it is so that I can get Lua

I know that there are a lot of good reasons to learn C, but I just prefer to
program in higher-level scripting languages like Perl, Python, Rebol, Ruby,
and Lua.  Maybe if I had a lot more free time, I would bite the bullet and
learn C, but, as it is, I find myself putting down the C book and using other
scripting languages.

Ok, I am nearing the end of this ramble.  Here is my request:

Would anyone be willing to provide detailed steps (something that a C novice
like myself could follow) showing how to create a Lua Windows interpreter
with the following libraries compiled in:  LuaSocket, LuaSQL, wxLua.

Or, failing this, would anyone be willing to provide the actual compiled
binary of the above mentioned interpreter.

I know that either option would mean a lot of work for someone.  However, I
think that the creation of the above mentioned interpreter for the Windows
platform would open up Lua to a whole group of programmers who are now using
other scripting languages.

Sorry for the long post!

Jamey Cribbs