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luacdb is a Lua interface to Dan Bernstein's cdb, modeled closely on
Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo's gdbm interface.  luacdb provides Lua
interfaces for both creating and reading cdb's.

luacdb-1.1 is in the public domain.

The Lua homepage is
The cdb homepage is
The luacdb homepage is

Here is the change log for 1.1:

1.1	(19 Nov 2001)
	- luacdb.c: added cdb_make binding.
	- cdb_make.lua: created.  oo interface for cdb_make binding.
	- luacdbmake-12, luacdbmake-12.oo: created.
	- rts: added luacdbmake-12 tests.
	- cdb.lua:CDB:init(), luacdbget.oo: CDB:init() now returns errno only.
	- cdb.lua:get(): handle error in cdb_read().