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I have developed a very usable prototype of such a tool.
Although it gives all the information needed to point out in the code the "events" you described, an automatic warning generator is
not yet implemented.

Since it is only a prototype, its "parser" was built over the Lua 4.0 parser and the analyzer of the resulting information is slow
and memory consuming -- which is only notable if you analyze too many lua files with too many variables and functions.

In addition to what you described, it also tracks function calls (who calls who), trying to guess the function names that Lua can't
tell you.

Its output comes as a XML file, which is the result of a query (or more) you determine.
For example, with a query you may know what functions use the global variable "a" and with another you may know what variables the
function "f" uses.

We have plans to keep on developing this tool, but now it is frozen.
If you want to give a look, please ask me and I will send you the sources with a little explanation of how to use it.


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> Sent: Monday, November 12, 2001 8:30 PM
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> Subject: Lua lint?
> Is there a utility that does static analysis of lua code?
> Specifically,
> I would like it to point out variables that should be local (only
> referenced inside a single chunk/block/scope), variables that are only
> referenced once at all (probable misspellings), local variables that
> shadow other variables, etc.  Essentially, a static debugger to assist
> in developing maintainable code in a loosely-typed embedded scripting
> language.
> /Josh